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Formalization under broker contract

Formalization under broker contract
We are always glad to help with the formalization of your transactions under a broker contract.
You know where to buy goods abroad and you know who to sell those to in Russia, but you do not want to get involved with foreign economic activity?
If you are interested in the result but not in the process, Yuzhniy Tranzit company will help you to solve the problem!


How the formalization under broker contract takes place

Our company will act as a foreign trade agent (commission agent), conclude on its behalf a foreign trade contract with the company you are interested in (manufacturer/supplier), make payment for the goods and carry out customs clearance and delivery of the goods to any place in Russia. Then we will resell the goods to your company under a sales contract as if concluded between two Russian companies.

Formalization under broker contract is a profitable way of cooperation! Find out all of its advantages.

Technically, your company will not be involved in foreign trade.
You will not have to open foreign currency accounts for settlements with the seller abroad. All you will have to do is to transfer advance payment to the Ruble account of the foreign trade agent!
Your accountants will save lots of resources on keeping foreign trade activity records.
You will not have to be bothered by currency control or customs control!

You will not have to conduct a detailed market research for the optimal cargo conveyance terms and conditions!
There will be no need to hire additional employees, pay wages and taxes, and provide social security.
The foreign trade agent will be dealing with all issues regarding storage, handling and insurance of cargo.

You will not have to waste your time at the customs office!
You will no longer have to worry about the correctness of the classification of goods and the possible consequences of misclassification!
Confirmation of the value of the goods and methods of its determination in this case will be our concern!

You will not have to be bothered by currency control or customs control!
By means of formalization under the broker contract you will not overpay for each individual component of the FEA because each individual participant in the chain (be it carriers, insurance company, customs agent, warehouse (idle time), certification organization, etc.) embeds its own interest in the cost of services!