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Our services

Our services


Our company is a reliable supplier of air logistics services.

Delivery of goods by air is the safest and fastest way to deliver goods.


Customs Logistics

Our logistic solutions – Yuzhniy Tranzit: always within your reach!

Customs Logistics

Yuzhny Tranzit company offers high quality services of customs and transport logistics, cargo transportation and delivery, freight forwarding.

Our company will find the optimal transport and logistics route, choose the most favorable and reliable offer in the market of transport services, and will undertake the preparation and execution of necessary shipping documentation and monitor the performance of all customs procedures.

We guarantee quality and reliable service in the organization of transportation, achieved by working only with proven and reliable carriers. If you order the organization of international transportation with us you will get cheaper thanks to the arrangement with our partners on discounts than if you find your own carrier. In this case we guarantee the carrier's responsibility for your shipment.

We organize international delivery by all modes of transport - by air, sea, rail, road.

Air transportation - logistics solutions

Although air transportation is not the cheapest way to deliver goods — this method of transportation guarantees you the safety of cargo delivery and is the fastest way to deliver goods. Our company can offer you the most profitable logistics solutions for cargo delivery by air.


Safe and fast. Take advantage of our best logistics routes for air cargo transportation.

Delivery of goods to any point of the globe. With the help of air transportation, you can organize the delivery of goods to the most remote areas of the world.

Air Logistics

Save time and money with our air logistics schemes.
Our company is pleased to offer you the most effective and inexpensive air logistics solutions for cargo delivery!


Customs logistics and delivery of goods by sea. Fast, safe, inexpensive!




Sea transport

Maritime logistics and delivery of goods by sea is rightfully considered the main type of transcontinental cargo transportation. Transportation of goods by sea mode of transport combines the following advantages: a high degree of security, the possibility of transporting any type of cargo (in bulk, in bulk, in bulk), the average cost of cargo delivery, etc.

Low cost of cargo delivery by sea

Low cost of cargo delivery by sea Cargo delivery by sea is one of the cheapest ways of cargo delivery and is second only to pipeline transport.

Combining customs and logistics solutions

Using sea transport, you get the opportunity to combine various types of customs and logistics solutions for the delivery of goods.

Minimal risks


 The delivery of goods by sea guarantees you to minimize the risks associated with damage, damage, theft and non-delivery of goods, with a delay in sending goods.

Road transport logistics

Road transport logistics

We organize fast, inexpensive and highly maneuverable delivery of goods by road.


Delivery of goods by road

Delivery of goods by road is one of the most popular types of cargo delivery. Modern cars are able to transport almost any type of cargo (oversized, dangerous), at any distance, to the most inaccessible areas of the country and the world!