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About us

About us

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Quickly move and clear cargo through the provision of effective and safe customs and logistics solutions, and impeccable service for customers.



At the expense of a professional team of like-minded people in the field of customs services. Our company quickly, legally, with the least problems and costs for customers, issues cargo at customs for the unhindered movement of goods and vehicles across the border. We strive to provide our customers with the necessary customs services of the highest quality. Our experience in combination with modern means of communication allows us to always be in touch, quickly respond to your requests and be always "in the topic".


You trust us with customs clearance of goods – We increase your competitiveness and share valuable experience in conducting effective foreign economic activity. We care that you are successful!


About Us

Yuzhny Transit is a companies group which is a service provider in the sphere of international freight forwarding, as well as a customs agent which has concentrated a full range of “turnkey” services.

Yuzhny Transit means a vast professional experience and solid in-house traditions. The members of the group make a team of modern energetic people focused on customer satisfaction.

We provide consultations regarding foreign economic activities, and perform comprehensive market analysis

Our company will assist you in orienting in the existing options of delivery and customs clearance, and can provide you with exhaustive information on the following issues.

Yuyzhniy Tranzit provides free-of-charge counselling to its clients in regard of customs law!

Foreign trade transaction support

For those of our clients who are importers or are planning to conclude a foreign trade contract and make their first delivery, Yuzhniy Tranzit provides comprehensive support services of foreign trade transactions, such as:

— Initial consultation on the foreign trade contract and customs clearance;
— Selection the HS code and the calculation of customs duties;
— Preparation of documents for customs clearance;
— Consultation on financial and legal aspects of foreign trade transaction;
— Consultation on taxation aspects;
— Organization of interaction between the broker and the carrier;
— Consultation on the peculiarities of customs clearance of specific groups of goods;
— Assistance in obtaining certificates and other permits.

Yuzhniy Tranzit will provide containers or vehicles for goods conveyance over any distance.

We have at call:

— vehicles with cargo spaces of 68 to 120 m3 (with tented and full-metal bodies);
— refrigerator trucks;
— insulated trucks;
— light duty vehicles.

Small lots (less-than-full vehicle shipments) can be conveyed to Europe, North-Western, Central, Volga, Southern, and Urals Federal Districts by motor vehicles and aircraft. Conveyance from the Southeast Asia is done in containers and by aircraft. The cargo is accumulated for further dispatch to the Russian Federation in the warehouses located in Milano, Hof, Vilnius, Shenzhen and Shanghai.

Our staff includes qualified specialists in cargo transportation, declarants, customs clearance specialists, certification specialists, insurance specialists, warehouse employees.

The main users of Yuzhniy Tranzit services are the legal entities:
medium and large industrial enterprises;
enterprises specializing in wholesale deliveries of products from abroad - consumer goods, equipment, spare parts and components;
forwarding companies; non-resident shippers/sellers of goods (from the European Union, China).

Southern Transit makes a special bet on high labor productivity, which is achieved by:
— information support and automation of activities;
— debugging of business processes;
— professionalism and experience of the employees.

Yuzhniy Tranzit is developing actively, using the accumulated professionalism, resources and experience.