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Export to Azerbaijan

Export to Azerbaijan

Our company will help you to facilitate the export of your goods from Russia to Azerbaijan. Our long experience with this region has helped us to find many favorable logistics solutions for the delivery of goods to buyers from the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Due to the fact that our company has its own representative office in the Republic of Azerbaijan, the export procedure is several times more reliable and faster.

During the export to Azerbaijan, we perform the following wokrs:

  • • We prepare an international contract with a buyer from Azerbaijan;
  • • We formalize all necessary certificates, in particular the certificate of origin of the goods (form ST-1);
  • • We calculate and organize delivery by any method chosen by you;
  • • We carry out the customs clearance of the goods for export;
  • • We make settlements with the buyer in any convenient currency;
  • • We report on currency control.

If you choose our company as an assistant in exporting your goods to Azerbaijan you will get a reliable partner in your export deals. Our highly qualified specialists will give you free advice on any questions you may have.

VAT rate for export to Azerbaijan

Zero-percent Vat rate is applied to sales to Azerbaijan. In theory, this fact looks like a tempting condition for the exporter. However, as practice shows, returning the export VAT independently it is not an easy task even for an experienced accountant.

In fact, in order to obtain VAT return the exporter has to provide the tax authorities with a lot of documents the listing of which would take a decent amount of time. Moreover, there are quarterly desk audits of the whole chain of suppliers and buyers of export goods.

When working with us, you will not need to report the zero VAT rate. We take over the entire procedure of export and reporting to the tax authorities. Accordingly, the tax authorities will come to us with desk audits.

Documents necessary for export to Azerbaijan

You will have to prepare a vast set of documents to conduct a foreign trade transaction with a buyer from Azerbaijan. Below are the most needed ones:

  • • International export contract;
  • • Invoice and Specifications;
  • • Cargo customs declaration;
  • • Data sheets, certificates and licenses for goods under export;
  • • Integrated delivery note or Consignment note, and Tax invoice;
  • • Consignment papers: bill of delivery and CMR;
  • • Currency control papers.

You can get detailed information about all necessary documents for export to Azerbaijan from our specialists. Dial our free of charge number at 8 800 600 53 72 or contact us by any convenient means of communication from the list on our website and you will receive a feedback within a short period of time.

Export to Azerbaijan: Step-by-step Procedure

Like many former Soviet republics the Republic of Azerbaijan has a need for most goods to be imported from Russia. Accordingly, many importers from this region turn to Russian suppliers with a request to sell their goods to them. But it is no secret that the export deal conceals many aspects and pitfalls. Because of this phenomenon, most Russian suppliers who successfully produce and sell their goods in Russia, have to refuse the requests from Azerbaijan.

Below is a step-by-step scheme of export to Azerbaijan:

  1. 1. Calculation of costs of delivery to the buyer. Selection of a reliable carrier;
  2. 2. Determination of the HS code for each item of goods;
  3. 3. Accounting for export and import duties;
  4. 4. Customs clearance;
  5. 5. Obtaining the necessary certificates and data sheets for the goods;
  6. 6. Reporting to the customs authorities;
  7. 7. Reporting to the tax authorities;
  8. 8. Report to the currency control authorities.

As you can see from this list, the export deal requires an abundance of work. We are ready to help you make an export deal to deliver tour goods to the Republic of Azerbaijan without unnecessary troubles.