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Customs Clearance of Goods

Customs Clearance of Goods

To some, customs clearance of goods seems to be a simple process. But it only seems so. Not every customs broker, let alone firms that try to clear goods on their own, can really do a good job of customs clearance.

The article 181 of the Customs Union Customs Code determines the customs clearance as a … “compulsory procedure of declaring the goods during import and/or export procedures to the customs authority by the declarant”. Please pay your attention to the following two aspects.

First, the customs clearance procedure being compulsory means that you will anyway have to fill out a customs declaration.

Second, the overall scenario of customs clearance will depend on the data that you show in the declaration.



Customs clearance of goods includes the following stages


Preparatory stage of the customs clearance procedure:

1. As early as at the preparatory stage, we examine your goods in every detail and decide what documents may be necessary.
2. We identify the HS class code precisely.
3. We determine any existing prohibitions and limitations on import of goods into the Russian Federation, or export of goods from the Russian Federation.

4. We calculate the overheads (transportation, warehouse, and other fees and expenses), amount of customs fees due from you, and make a forecast of the CTS risks.
5. On the day prior to the dispatch of your cargo, we check the documents once again.
6. Following that, we prepare the documents to be filed to the customs office.


Clearance of goods at the customs office:

1. We submit a customs declaration on goods to the customs authority (Art. 181 (2) of the Customs Union Customs Code).
2. We submit documentary bases for filling out he customs declaration to the customs authority (Art. 183 (1) of the Customs Union Customs Code).

3. We carry out customs formalities aimed at the verification of information about the goods stated by the declarant, including customs control under the procedures set forth in the Chapter 16 of the Customs Union Customs Code.
4. We complete the customs clearance of goods pursuant to the declared customs procedure (Ch. 29 of the Customs Union customs Code). this results in the issue of the customs declaration.


Formalization of commercial, transportation, and customs papers

An important aspect of submission of the customs declaration is providing the customs authority with the documents on the basis of which the customs declaration has been filled out (Article 183 (1) of the Customs Union Customs Code). A properly completed declaration package is the key to a successful outcome of operation!

Both the promptness of customs clearance and the presence of additional risks, such as failure to confirm the declared customs value, correction of the HS classification code, failure to provide tariff preferences, as well as the customs inspection aimed at achievement of “actionable” results, depend on how the documents are formalized.

Yuzhniy Tranzit company offers its clients not only customs clearance services, but also customs logistics services, including verification of shipping documents. On the day prior to shipment of your cargo, the employees of Yuzhniy Tranzit will contact the seller (consignor) at the same time to double-check the shipping documents (including commercial, transport and customs papers) before the cargo is dispatched.


What allows the Yuzhniy Tranzit to clear the goods so promptly?

The employees of Yuzhniy Tranzit specialize by directions and types of activities.
Individual work with the client. One client - one declarant.
Use of modern means of communication allows us to respond to your requests and process your information quickly.
Conspicuous, coordinated work of the entire team.


Many years of experience of our employees (including experience of work in customs authorities).
Knowledge of various nuances (pitfalls) of customs clearance depending on the nomenclature of goods.
Daily monitoring of all changes in customs legislation.
Responsible approach to passing through all customs procedures and strict compliance with customs regulations.

Continous work on improvement of qualification and professional skills through courses, webinars, exchange of experience between customs representatives of other companies.
Cooperation with specialized organizations (chambers of commerce, legal and tax experts).
Control over paperwork of forwarding companies accompanying the movement of goods from seller to buyer.
All this reduces the time during which the goods stay at customs.


Prices for the customs clearance services


Price of the import customs declaration
Price of the export customs declaration

Price of the transit customs declaration preparation
Temporary import/re-importation
Temporary export/re-exportation

*We prepare an individual commercial offer for each client, taking into account the complexity of the technical task.
* You can get a discount on customs clearance of goods, depending on your volumes of issued declarations or vehicles.
*After the approval of the commercial offer for customs clearance, the price is fixed and can no longer be increased, with the technical task unchanged.
*Please note that this price list is for informational purposes only and is not a public offer. For detailed information about the cost of certain services, please contact the managers of the customer service department using a special communication form or by phone.

By using the customs clearance services Yuzhniy Tranzit company you will avoid unnecessary problems at customs, obtain a result above your expectations, and in us you will get a permanent partner and consultant. And most importantly, you will have your cargo processed and delivered to you in due time.

We work in a 24/7 mode. All necessary permits are at hand
Save yourself trouble caused by faulty filling-in of customs papers
Save money on customs clearance of goods
We guarantee a successful issue of customs declaration!

With Yuzhniy Tranzit, release is always allowed!

With Yuzhniy Tranzit, release is always allowed!

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